This definitely had me giggling all the way through. I am the same in nature. There are too many things going on, and mostly it calms me. All the activity. I miss having an outdoor space to ponder. (Mostly because it is way colder (I want to insert a well placed ‘fucking’ in this sentence but can’t craft it right now) hmmm…I’m going to do it…It is way fucking colder that I thought it would be. I moved here based on lots of factors, but the temperatures seemed reasonable. THEY ARE NOT. And thus I have been mostly inside these past winter months, and I do not like it. I want to be sitting by the ocean, watching sea birds, surprised by every single wave.

I love nature, but I also find it absurd, on a regular basis. It is hilarious. I just spent an hour watching some mallard ducks in a yard on Monday. That was some of my favourite time spent this week, and I had a pretty damn good week. (I don’t get to curse enough in daily life, my children are anti-curse words, and I haven’t made any super-sweary friends yet).

What was I saying?

I liked this post. Thank you.

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Yikes. Really cold temps are too much for me too and being inside all day every day makes my citalopram work overtime. I hope the arctic tundra you moved too warms up a bit soon!

Maybe you could write something one day with the challenge to incorporate as many well placed swears as you can. Swearing can be a bit much something but mostly is the fucking best shit ever.

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