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Oh goodness, this resounds so much. The writing in a notebook vs on my phone. The dreams of falling of cliffs (when I became a parent it started being my children falling from planes or going missing, which was so much worse)

I used to have nightmares about my first husband leaving me or hating me, and I would wake up distressed and he didn’t understand residual dream feeling because apparently his dreams didn’t carry the emotional weight mine did.

Since I’ve moved to this new town near the ocean my dreams have been fascinating and full words of characters and I don’t want to wake up because I want to see where it goes…and maybe it’s because daily writing on prompts has re-activated my imagination in a way I couldn’t imagine only a year ago.

It’s exciting.

I hope that your subconscious gives you a break and the real world action of your wondrous wife remind you how it actually is.

(Thanks for writing so honestly. Reading your writing definitely has me being more self-reflective and not ignoring the dark corners as much as I intended to in my own work. I know that not everything can be whimsy and joy.)

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