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Chase Roper: The Laughsmith of the Pacific Northwest

From the nascent days of his comedic journey with the blog "Chaseblogger" in 2006, Chase Roper's unique comedic lens has been leaving a mark in various corners of the internet. Recognized and spotlighted by the Comedy Central blog, he then began his association with "Punchline Magazine", subsequently conducting enlightening interviews with comedy stalwarts like Marc Maron, Paul F. Tompkins, and George Lopez, to name a few.

But Chase wasn't just contained within the blogging sphere. By 2008, he transitioned to the microphone-lit stages of stand-up comedy. In 2013, a different Chase Roper would go on to dominate the Google Search-O-Sphere after committing a heinous and violent home invasion in Emyvale, P.E.I. Chase would like to be sure everyone knows that he is a writer in Washington state and not the Chase Roper from PEI who was convicted of a violent home invasion. Though initially dabbling, by 2015, the not-violent, non-home-invading Chase committed to making audiences laugh with his transparent and uniquely sarcastic take on life.

Having worked with platforms and brands like Earwolf Podcast Network and Laughspin, he brought his fresh perspective even to mainstream platforms. His noteworthy contribution to the Today Show blog - on the intriguing use of Pinterest as a stay-at-home dad - showcased his capability to blend humor with contemporary themes.

In 2020, his hiatus from comedy during global pandemics led to an evolving appreciation for modern docu-dramas (90 Day Fiancé) and home bartending. Chase's achievements also earned him recognition as a finalist for the Andy Kaufman Award.

This Tacoma-based comedian and writer (who is definitely not the Chase Roper that committed and was later convicted of a violent home invasion in Emyvale, P.E.I.) is transparent, sometimes irreverent, and "bitingly" sarcastic (a word that he insists is, in fact, probably not real).

Off the stage and screen, Chase finds solace in cherishing horror movies with his children and starting several new creative endeavors that he knows he will never see through to completion.

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